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WomenSense EstroSense 150 capsules


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Hormone Balancing Therapy with Indole-3-Carbinol

Helps support and promote healthy estrogen balance

Reduce estrogen dominance:
Symptoms of hormone imbalance are sparked by an imbalance of estrogen to progesterone, with estrogen being dominant – often referred to as Estrogen Dominance. Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance include: heavy or painful periods, hormonal acne, PMS, ovarian cysts, fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis and more… EstroSense is the ideal hormonal health partner for women using oral contraceptives and those suffering from the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

EstroSense is a unique formula containing all natural ingredients to help maintain healthy hormone balance by promoting liver detoxification and healthy estrogen metabolism. It combines key ingredients such as calcium-d-glucarate, indole-3-carbinol, sulforaphane, and milk thistle for promoting liver detoxification and excretion of harmful estrogens. EstroSense also provides Tumeric, Lycopene, Rosemary and Green tea for powerful antioxidant support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a new bottle of EstroSense and I see that the ingredient DIM has been removed. Can you tell me why?
DIM was removed from EstroSense because the NNHPD (Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate) concluded at the time of licensing that there was not enough safety evidence for this ingredient in humans to support its inclusion in the formula. Rest assured the removal of DIM will not change the benefits and effectiveness of EstroSense. I-3-C remains in the product and this ingredient offers the same benefits as DIM, as they both have essentially the same action and effect in the body. (I-3-C is a compound found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables that has been shown to promote healthy estrogen metabolism in humans, thereby helping to reduce the risk of estrogen-related cancers).

Why does my new bottle of EstroSense smell so bad?
The strong smell of EstroSense comes from the glucosinolates, which are sulphur-containing compounds found in cruciferous vegetables – which in EstroSense are the indole-3-carbinol and the sulforaphane. Remember that all the ingredients used in our products are only sourced from the highest quality suppliers available, always meet the quality standards established by Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD) and the noticeable variations in the smell of EstroSense can be attributed to the inherent smell of the raw material ingredients used in the product’s formulation.

Why is there a caution on your EstroSense labels about low iron levels?
The iron deficiency caution on our new EstroSense label is derived from the Green Tea Extract Monograph (which can be found on the Health Canada website). The new Health Canada regulations for NPNs require that we make reference to any and all cautions pertaining to the applicable monographs.

What is it about the Green Tea Extract that can affect iron absorption?
Green tea contains tannins that may affect iron absorption by forming a complex with the iron in the digestive tract and the resulted complex is not bio-available (only plant sources of iron are affected by tannins).

What is “Sulforaphane”? Does it have anything to do with sulpha drugs?
Our Sulforaphane is naturally occurring in broccoli and is obtained from broccoli. It has nothing to do with sulfa drugs.

Is the broccoli sprout extract in BroccoPhane non-GMO?
Yes, we have confirmation on file that this ingredient is non-GMO.

Is Lycopene (Lyc-O-Mato) from real tomato or synthetic?
Lycopene is naturally sourced from non-GMO tomatoes.

I am on the birth control pill. Can I still take EstroSense?
Absolutely, EstroSense should be taken while on the pill. This product protects women from the negative effects of the pill by helping to protect the liver from converting your estrogens into cancer-causing estrogens. EstroSense does not lower or reduce the effectiveness of the pill for birth control.

Should I continue to take EstroSense while I have my period, or do I stop like I do with my birth control pill?
Yes, continue to take EstroSense during your period.

I have been on contraceptive pills for many years and am considering stopping. Is it wise to take EstroSense if I do stop taking the pill?
EstroSense will help while on the pill by metabolizing the hormone by-products and converting them into friendlier compounds. EstroSense will definitely be essential to take once an individual comes off the pill in order to help keep the liver strong and detoxify the many years of birth control hormones from the body.

I see that EstroSense contains milk thistle, but isn’t milk thistle estrogenic?
We use milk thistle seed extracts in EstroSense and no, this is not an estrogenic ingredient – it is a very safe herb that can help your liver detoxify cancer causing estrogens.

How much elemental calcium (if any) is in the 150 mg dosage of calcium D-glucarate that is in each EstroSense capsule?
Calcium D-glucarate contains 16.15% calcium, therefore each capsule of EstroSense contains 12 mg of elemental calcium (or 36 mg per 3 capsule dose).

Who should take EstroSense? Do I stop when I reach menopause?
Any female from the time she gets her first menstrual cycle and right through menopause, should be taking EstroSense. Even if a woman has stopped menstruating, she will still be exposed on a daily basis to exogenous estrogens from the environment and may still have “bad” estrogens stored in the body’s fatty tissue. Also, many postmenopausal women do take HRT – which, like the birth control pill, has negative side effects that EstroSense can help counteract.

Your label doesn’t specify what time of day I should take these capsules?
As long as you are taking the recommended dosage within a 12-hour day, then it really doesn’t matter what time you take them. Many seem to prefer to take 1 capsule with each meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If someone would rather take all 3 capsules at once, that is fine too.

How long before I notice a difference by using EstroSense?
EstroSense was designed to help ensure that your hormones are balanced, to help halt ovarian pain and to help alleviate your PMS symptoms while normalizing your periods. You should notice EstroSense working within 2-3 menstrual cycles.

I have started taking EstroSense, but I am now experiencing cramps and mid-cycle bleeding. What could be happening?
EstroSense is important for supporting the liver and detoxification of unhealthy estrogens as well as helping to reduce inflammation. If the liver is very congested then, in some cases, people may experience a cycle with increased cramping as the body is detoxifying. If you are taking the full recommended dosage of EstroSense, you might want to consider minimizing your dosage in order to support a gentler detoxification. If your cramping and mid-cycle bleeding persist, you should see your GP or ND and request an ultrasound, in order to determine what other possible underlying factors are at play.

I began taking EstroSense for painful cramps and in the hope to balance hormones as my partner and I are trying to conceive. My last cycle I felt I had more cramps than usual and heavier bleeding plus spotting afterwards. Why is this and what should I do?
Our recommendation would be to reduce the EstroSense dosage to 1 capsule daily and keep monitoring the spotting. If it continues for longer than 10 days, stop taking the EstroSense and resume it again (1/day) for the next cycle. For some women, EstroSense will make the first period after starting the product a little worse, and then the following cycles will show improvement. EstroSense will remove any potentially harmful estrogens and support liver detoxification so the first cycle can be a bit worse because of this detox. process.

I have to take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory just before and then during my period. Can EstroSense help instead?
PMS and menstrual cramping usually involve inflammation caused by estrogen dominance. Our EstroSense formula includes herbs help support healthy metabolism of excess estrogens through the liver and to balance the body’s estrogen/progesterone ratio. Continue to take EstroSense during your period and over time you may not even have to take the anti-inflammatory anymore.

I am currently using Wild Yam cream. Can I use EstroSense also?
Yes, Wild Yam cream and EstroSense can be taken together.

Can I take EstroSense if I am taking Tamoxifin?
EstroSense should be fine to take with Tamoxifen. Many of the ingredients in EstroSense can actually help minimize the side effects of the Tamoxifen. The milk thistle seed extract and turmeric can help protect the liver from the ill effects of the drug, plus the antioxidants (lycopene, rosemary, green tea) can help protect recurrence of cancer and protect healthy cells. Studies have also shown that indole-3-carbinol can actually help assist Tamoxifin in reducing breast cancer recurrence without interfering with its effectiveness.

Is it safe to take EstroSense and Vitex together?
Yes, we recommend taking these two supplements together to possibly help with fertility issues, as well as with concerns regarding painful periods and heavy bleeding. Vitex also supports natural progesterone production in the body and by combining this with EstroSense the body’s estrogen and progesterone levels can be brought back into balance.

Can I take EstroSense and MenoSense together?
Yes you can, because ultimately EstroSense and MenoSense do different things: EstroSense works directly with the liver to eliminate bad estrogens and help balance hormones; and MenoSense was developed to specifically help alleviate menopausal symptoms (such as hot flashes and night sweats).

Can men take EstroSense?
Yes, they can. Just as women can experience estrogen dominance from xenoestrogens (exogenous estrogens from the environment), so can men. Calcium-d-glucarate, Indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane all help metabolize excess estrogen from the body through the liver. Milk thistle and curcumin help support the liver for detoxification. Lycopene, green tea, and rosemary are all potent antioxidants – and all these ingredients are totally safe to be taken by men and are certainly not female specific.

Does EstroSense contain soy?
No, this product is soy free.

Is EstroSense gluten free?
Yes, we do have confirmation on file that there is no gluten added and no gluten present in EstroSense. However, our manufacturing facility is NOT a gluten free facility, and as we do process products that contain gluten we are unable to confirm 100% that there is no possibility of cross contamination.


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