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Natural Factors Super Strength Resveratrol Concentrate 500 mg, 60 vcaps


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ResveratrolRich™ 500 mg 60 Vegetarian Capsules (Code: 4527) Promotes healthy aging Derived exclusively from Japanese knotweed and Okanagan red grape skins Provides 250 mg of all-natural trans resveratrol Protects the brain against oxidative stress Offers cardio-protective benefits Significantly increases physical and mental endurance Enhances longevity by reducing the risk of degenerative diseases Protects the lining of blood vessels Decreases platelet aggregation, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke Reduces stroke damage caused by free radicals Interferes with all three stages of cancer: initiation, promotion and progression Prevents brain injury due to plaque formation Blocks compounds that cause inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis Reduces insulin resistance, a factor in Type II diabetes Prolongs the life of cells

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