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Sea-Licious Omega 3 Tangerine Lime 250ml

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Fresh, bright, citrusy with the perfect hint of flavor is the best way to describe Sea-licious Tangerine Lime. Because tangerines and limes impart an acidic flavor, it completely masks the taste and smell of fish. When you smell this flavor, you immediately think of freshly cut oranges on a bright, sunny morning. Sea-licious Tangerine Lime is the most subtle of all the flavors, so if you are looking for a mild choice, this is the perfect option for you. Because it is the most neutral, it is a great addition to your morning green smoothie.

The Sea-licious taste is what sets it apart from all other fish oils on the market. This is what also makes Sea-licious a delicious addition to food, salads or dressings. In particular, Tangerine Lime is great blended with cilantro and tossed with a green salad for an even fresher take on salad dressing.

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