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Prairie Naturals Prost-Force 60 softgels


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Prostate problems effect a large percentage of men over the age of fifty. Current medical and drug therapies often include serious side effects. Research shown that the symptoms of BHP (benign prostatic hyperplasia) can be reduced and often eliminated with the use of natural herbals. Prost-Force from Prairie Naturals is a unique blend of herbs and nutrients which directly benefit the prostate gland and urinary system. Containing Saw Palmetto extract, Pygeum Bark extract, Lycopene, Stinging Nettle, Pumpkin seed, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and others. Prost-Force is comprehensive combination for men concerned with prostate health

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Free of all common allergens, including: wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, and yeast. Not for use in cases of prostate cancer.

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