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Waist Away Green Tea and Raspberry Ketones

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New from Waist Away comes Raspberry Ketone Plus! Raspberry Ketones have been shown help reduce the amount of body fat and combined with Green Tea like in this formulation from Waist Away you'll gain twice the amount of antioxidant and weight loss benefits. Raspberry Ketones work to "trick your body into acting like it's thin" by increasing the levels of a hormone called adiponectin.

Raspberry Ketones works as one of the most powerful fat burners in the human body. In a dose of 200mg twice a day, Raspberry Ketones has showed powerful weight loss properties, supporting the “miracle fat burner” claim made by Dr. Oz.

Raspberry Ketones have also been shown to be effective in shrinking the overall size of fat cells in the body and when used daily, you can quickly decrease the amount of fat deposits in fat cells and body weight decreases.

What are Raspberry Ketones?
•  Main aromatic compound found in raspberries.
How Can They Aid Fat Loss:
•  To mobilize stored body fat the body needs to Breakdown Triglycerides. Part of Lipolysis.
•  Hormone Sensitive Lipase- the bodies main at burning enzyme is needed to accomplish this.
How Can They Aid Fat Loss:
•  Has been shown to raise adiponectin levels in body which has shown to be lower in overweight people and in diabetics.
•  Adiponectin- protein hormone
        - regulate BS and Increase fat burning
How Can They Aid Fat Loss:
•  Chemical structure is similar to synephrine- bitter orange and capsaicin
•  In vitro study showed reduced triglyceride conversion and increased fat oxidation
How Can They Aid Fat Loss:
•  6 week study of overfed mice showed that RK prevented increased visceral adipose as well as liver fat accumulation. May occur through blocking the activity of Lipase.
Non stimulant weight loss
•  All Natural Ingredients
•  Appetite control
•  Enhance weight loss plans
•  You would have to eat 320lbs of raspberries to get 400mg of the Raspberry Ketones.
Together Raspberry Ketone and Green Tea form a potent support formula to maximize natural fat loss.
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