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Which Magnesium is Right for You?

23 May, 2017

By Hayley C.

A question we get asked a lot is what kind of Magnesium should I be taking?

Well, here are some tips.
Quick Facts: Types of Magnesium
Have you ever wondered the difference between the many types of magnesium?  This brief overview will provide a quick break-down of the most common types of magnesium and their properties.
Oxide: Magnesium oxide is closest to the raw mineral form of magnesium.  It has the lowest bioavailability of all magnesium supplements (meaning low absorption) and can produce a strong laxative effect. 
Citrate: Magnesium citrate is the most popular form of magnesium and is created by the combination of magnesium and citric acid.  It has better bioavailability than the oxide form and is quickly absorbed into the digestive tract.  This form has a mild stool loosening effect.
Chelate: To create magnesium chelates, the magnesium is attached to a protein or an amino acid to ensure better absorption.  This form has good bioavailability and is easily absorbed.  It may cause loose stools in high doses. 
Biglycinate: The biglycinate form of magnesium is one of the newest forms and is created by combining the magnesium with two molecules of the amino acid, glycine.  This creates a more bioavailable and easy to absorb form of the supplement.  Glycine is absorbed directly through the intestine wall and has a calming effect on the body.  This form is best for chronic pain, difficulties with absorption, and for treating stress.  It does not cause a laxative effect.

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