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Summer Lovin' - Libido Enhancers for anytime of year!

12 Aug, 2017

By Hayley
Summer Lovin’ (for Spring, Fall and Winter too)

Libido Enhancers for Both Men and Women
Zinc: Good for immunity and assists with testosterone production. 
Selenium: Good for thyroid and increases testosterone production and thereby libido.
Magnesium: Lowers stress levels and has a mild 
Maca: Balances and normalizes hormone levels in both men and women.
Vitamin B-12: Increases overall energy levels and mood.
Libido Enhancers Specifically for Men
Bell Eroxil: A herbal formula tailored to men to assist with elevating libido levels.

Vigor Force: A herbal formula containing Tongkat-ali, Tribulus and Panax Ginseng.

Korean Red Ginseng: A specific type of Ginseng that is known for its effectiveness in boosting testosterone levels, energy, and stamina in men. 

Tribulus: A traditional Ayurvedic herb used to increase libido in men.

Libido Enhancers Specifically for Women
Bell Erosyn: A herbal formula tailored to women to assist with elevating libido levels.
-Hayley C.

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