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Amazing Almond Oil

11 Dec, 2019

Amazing Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond oil is one of the beauty industry's best kept beauty secrets. Its light texture is quickly absorbed into the skin making it a great moisturizer to give you that instant glow. The nutrients in the almond oil helps to even out skin-tone, reduce pigmentation, and smooth out any flaky texture.
Double up with this multi-purpose skin essential and use it as your oil cleanser too. Oil cleansing is by far one of the best ways to remove makeup, dirt, and pollution from the skin. Rich in fatty acids, sweet almond oil breaks down the thick sebum that can clog pores and cause pimples, whisking it away so that your skin is clear and bright.
If the winter season has your hair looking dull and lifeless, add a couple drops of this miracle oil to your freshly washed strands as a leave in conditioner or give the scalp the nourishment it needs with a weekly hot oil treatment.  Jam-packed full of nutrients, this light golden oil is excellent for hair growth and promotes longer, stronger, and shinier hair. 
If the daily grind has you down, treat yourself to a massage with sweet almond oil or add some to your bath – just be sure to really wipe out your tub from any oil residue to prevent any slips. Its high magnesium content makes quick work of sore muscles giving you the relaxation you deserve.
Treat yourself to the amazing benefits of sweet almond oil this holiday season and induldge in soft hair, glowing skin, and pain free muscles.
Wishing you all things merry and bright this holiday!

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